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Exercise Class

What is this course about?

This is a group exercise programme that is suitable for all levels of fitness. The exercises may be adapted to cater for individual needs and because it is chair based with a variety of supported standing exercises, the programme is suitable for those with balance problems and poor mobility. The programme will help develop the confidence of the learners when performing daily and recreational tasks. It may help prevent further falls and assist in the rehabilitation of previous falls and any subsequent injuries sustained.

What should I be able to do by the end of this course?

  • Identify the key Health and Safety issues related to safe and effective practice of the Exercises.

  • Follow step by step instructions to improve posture, balance and mobility safely and effectively.

  • Practice and perform Exercises to enable home use safely and with confidence.

  • Describe the benefits of Chair Based Exercises.


Please note that our groups require a donation towards running costs. 

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