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Bringing you home safely 

'HOMESAFE' is one of our services available across the whole Wigan Borough. Working in partnership with Wigan Council and the Wigan, Wrightington and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust, we offer reassurance for the patient when they are discharged from hospital.

The service is available to people who have been discharged from one of the foundation's hospitals who are over 50, live alone (or with a dependant), are mobile and live within the borough (including residential care homes, supported living).

We give the patients a follow up call with a few checks to make sure that they're safe and comfortable at home. We also provide one of our 'Welcome Home' bags that include essentials (such as tea, coffee, bread and soup) to help people get back into their usual routine.

If appropriate, we can also help the patient connect to wider social services and events that they may need. Our service offers an important intervention that helps to reduce re-admission into hospital and social isolation.

This popular service relies on the help, support and commitment from our team of volunteers who - without their help - this service would not be able to function.

​Please note that this service can only be booked by medical staff responsible for hospital discharges and cannot be booked directly by the public.

For more information, please contact us (quoting the HomeSafe service):

Call Us: 01942 261 753
Email Us:

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