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IT Group (Digital Technology)

Do you ever feel left behind when it comes to the internet? Wondered what all the fuss is about? Or think you would like to have a go but haven’t got the confidence? If any of this describes you, the IT Group may be able to help in an informal and friendly atmosphere. The session is run on a Monday between 10-12am by Mike, an experienced tutor and where everyone can learn at their own pace with no pressure.

Computer Room

Rodney, who has been coming to the group for a couple of years, says he’s benefited greatly from using his tablet since knowing nothing. More than everything it has taught him to “read what’s on the screen and don’t panic”.

Even if you don’t have a computer, tablet or smartphone, there will be something for you to have a go with. Come along for a chat and a cup of tea and just remember the only daft question is one you don’t ask!

Please note that our groups require a donation towards running costs. 

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